Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a 135 acre park located in Vallejo, CA. That opened in 1968 as Marine World.

As Marine WorldEdit

Construction for Marine World began in 1966 through 1968. In July of 1968, Marine World opened in Redwood Shores, operated by the American Broadcasting Company, a.k.a., ABC.

As Marine World/Africa USAEdit

When Marine World became bankrupt in 1972, Ralph Helfer bought out the property and renamed it Marine World/Africa USA. Along with the new name, he added a wildlife park and a jungle theater to Marine World/Africa USA.

The Move to VallejoEdit

In late 1985, the value of the property became too much. When this happened. They looked for a bigger property. They found a 135 acre in Vallejo and construction began there. Eventually, in 1986, Marine World opened in their new location in Vallejo. The old Redwood Shores location closed, and the site is now occupied by the world headquarters of Oracle Corporation.

The Theme Park TransformationEdit

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