The park's enterance as Six Flags New Orleans.

Six Flags New Orleans was a amusement park operated by Six Flags from 2003-2005. It opened in 2000 as Jazzland.

As JazzlandEdit

Alpa Smartparks Opened Jazzland in 2000. A year after Jazzlands opening Alpa Smartparks put its lease up for sale.

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Hurricane Katrina and AftermathEdit

The last day the park operated was August 21, 2005. Katrina was forecast late on Friday, August 26, six flags had no choice but to close the park to prepare for the storm. Drainage pumps were set up, and a "closed for storm" spelling was put up on the six flags main entrances signs that are still there today. During the storm the 17th Street Canal levee broke flooding 80% of new Orleans making the drainage pumps useless during the storm. Black sea water rushed in the park, and ended up staying there for over a month. After the storm  

The Present DayEdit

Six Flags New Orleans is still abandoned and in a much worse condition. The park is now owned by the City of New Orleans. Six Flags New Orleans is now mainly used as a location where films are shot for example, Jurassic World and Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters. Most components of the park are missing, rides have been removed, and all buildings have been completely gutted by Six Flags themselves, and vandals.


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